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Gator Choke Canyon, small ten footer…they get bigger

Follow link for Gator footage on on of our recent trips:


Facebook Link will take you to pictures I have taken this year in March at Choke Canyon, these pics will show you the big uns’:



Please, Mr. Snake…

…would you share your tree with me?


It’s Not All Fun & Fishing

The rim and all passed the truck up at 65 mph… the long stripe on the road was from where I was dragging the trailer in a shower of sparks until I got it stopped. It took me fifteen minutes to find the tire after climbing a fence and walking through the woods to find it…Thank God no one was coming in the other lane. Entire hub came off of the trailer…was a mess.

Spring Break started off with a BIG BANG!! I guess it could always be worse…

What do you do when your thinking of other things?…yep…it could always be worse 


Ward, Chad & Paul Kicked Butt on the Nueces

Four triples, 2 TPWD Big Fish Awards and 1 Youth Weight Record – not a bad day.

Catching Up

March was so busy I’m way behind on these updates.

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Just a few samples of a days fishing at Choke – some blues and the end of the white bass run.

Choke Canyon

The monster Choke Canyon is showing its nice side today…hurry up Winter…its hot as hades here!

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Fishing is excellent

3-2-11 Winingham’s Onboard

Starting with a MONSTER is always nice.

3-1-11 Exploring San Miguel Creek

Had a day off to explore more of the Frio and San Miguel Creek.  White bass, alligators, deer, turkey, hogs – it was a zoo out there.  Finished the day watching an incredible sunset and a wildfire that had been raging for several hours.  Being on the water so much, I tend to forget how dry it really is.

2-24-11 Arkansas Lady Catches Whopper on Lake Buchanan

Ms Jane, 70 years young, came down from Arkansas to learn how to catch big cats.  I think she learned real well.  This was her personal best.

2-28-11 Longhorn Ron on the Nueces

Ron with his limit of white bass.